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Reiki Healing Energetics & Shamanic Thought-Body work
With Reiki Master/Starlight Reiki Master, and Thought-Body Certified Practitioner Laura Black

Reiki Healing Energetics
What is Reiki?

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality based on the experiences of Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr. Usui had a spiritual awakening and understanding of healing that was one of Divine energy and the use of symbols that carried a healing vibration and intention.

Reiki is now used in these prominent hospitals

The human hand emits energy, a frequency and a vibration. Science is now confirming energy affects the cellular growth process, the healing of a bone, a wound, and in many documented cases diminishes pain, anxiety, depression and PTSD. 

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center • NY-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia • Yale New Haven Hospital • Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center • Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania • Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System • George Washington University Hospital • M.D. Anderson Cancer Center • California Pacific Medical Center • Duke Integrative Medical Center

What To Expect

What To Expect With Reiki

Reiki is gentle and loving. The space I create for you is Divine and protected. I am always amazed at the beautiful energy created during these sessions. You might or might not "feel" the energy at work. Tingling, warmth or even cooling, emotional feelings and sometimes crying happens during a session. But it truly varies and some people just feel a sense of deep relaxation.


At its core, reiki is deeply calming and relaxing to the body and soul.

My energy and intention, along with my gift of intuition and Spirit guidance, supports your body in releasing blocked energy that might be manifesting as illness, pain or emotional/mental disorders.


Reiki prior to and during a surgical procedure can have amazing results and faster healing

I have done a lot of pre-surgery reiki remote sessions. I continue to receive positive feedback on how well the procedures have gone and how quick and easy the recovery process has been. I can't say enough about prepping the body energetically before you have surgery. I also continue the session during your procedure.


Sound Healing with Reiki

Sound Healing

Serenity Box makes reiki sessions more deeply profound
Sound Healing with Reiki

Sound Healing

The Serenity Box™ streams healing chanting vibrations through a wooden box you place your feet on. This technology was developed by my Tai Chi Master, Vince LaSorso. I studied for many years with Vince who is himself a mystical healer. You wear headphones to hear the chanting music, which quickly puts you into a deep meditative state. This allows your body to relax even more and my Reiki energy to have a deeper effect. You will LOVE the relaxation of a session with the Serenity Box and Reiki. 

Serenity Box makes reiki sessions more deeply profound



Ongoing Reiki work is recommended to stay balanced and relaxed. While I have experienced a single session clearing clients of a pain or emotional imbalance, that is not typical. Like massage or other modalities, ongoing sessions are typically required for best effect. When people say. "Reiki did not work for me," I always ask how many sessions they committed to for true healing. 

Remote Reiki
Pre-Surgery/ During Surgery 

I work with your etheric energy body prior to for calming and getting the body ready. During your procedure, I send energy to the OR and the medical professionals. 



You meet with me one-on-one using the Serenity Box and Reiki healing for a more profound experience.


Remote Healing

Energy knows no boundaries. I call you prior to the session and then again after the session. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes.


Sound Healing

Relax and be healed

“Laura helped me tremendously! I've had a few horrible things happen to me and those experiences were causing me to have nightmares for over 10 years. Thanks to my Reiki session with Laura, I haven't had ANY nightmares since my session!! Thank you!!!!”
Lonnie Pearson, Greensboro, NC
“I had a wonderful long distance session over the phone. I look forward to in-person healings in the future! Laura is a powerful and intuitive healer.”
Erin Todd, St. Petersburg, FL

If you want a life changing experience then book your session with Laura as soon as possible. I could literally feel the warmth and comfort through our session and knew I was in excellent capable hands. Allow yourself to connect and relax and absorb the healing energy!

Megan Tucker, Greensboro, NC
“I loved what Laura did for me when I returned home after surgery on my knee... I could feel the energy in her hands as she drew the pain from my body. I can tell you that this was a totally new experience for me and quite unexpected.... highly recommend..... and I do, every chance I get..”
Sallie Johnson, Summerfield, NC

"Laura is an awesome healing powerhouse! When she lays her hands on you, you're going to feel better. Quite a few times she has taken troubles from me that I wasn't even totally aware of, but I definitely felt the absence of them and I felt like myself again when they were gone. In person or over the phone, this lady is MAGICAL! So glad our paths crossed the way they did."

Bryan G, Charlotte, NC

“My son had his wisdom teeth out and Laura did reiki prior to and during his surgery. The doctor said it was the easiest surgery he'd done and my son had minimal pain or swelling. He was fine the next day like nothing had happened!”
Karen G, Durham, NC

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About Laura

I have always been a healer and yet as I grew into adulthood, I pushed my gifts of intuition and healing away, feeling unworthy of them.


In 2017 however, I could no longer turn away from my Truth. My hands would become warm around people who were ill and I knew exactly where to touch them on their body to alleviate their pain. I also understood what was at the emotional core of their dis-ease. Many times after working with people, they completely released pain and imbalance when they were able to speak their Truth around whatever emotional underpinnings were causing the blocks in their body.


I became Reiki Master/Starlight Reiki Master attuned also in 2017 to truly harness and embrace my gifts.  And a Certified Thought-Body Practitioner in 2018. 

In 2022, I studied for 18 weeks with renowned energy healer, Marie Manuchehri on releasing cellular memory. 

I am honored to be a safe space to support you in your release and healing. Everyone has the power to heal themselves, and together we’ll uncover the tools and ways that work best for you. You are a powerful Being.

About Laura, Reiki Master & Starlight Reiki Master

Laura Black is a intuitive healer using reiki to heal others
Laura Black receives vortex energy in Sedona

Laura meditating at a Sedona, AZ, vortex location. Magical! 
Photo credit: Kathy Smith


I am a certified Thought Body Practitioner. This amazing work supports you in healing memory systems and beliefs that the body holds onto and manifests as pain or illness. Many times a single session can bring about the release of long-standing beliefs that have caused havoc in your psyche and body.

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